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Structured Settlement Attorney for the Primary Market 2

it is the primary market in which your structured settlement was issued to you.  at a time when the court system is already over burdened, there is no time and there has not been any time to go back and re-write the rules that govern structured settlements in the primary market to benefit you.  Unfortunately, it is not all about you in the eyes of the court.  To the Law Offices of Eugene Ahtirski, it is all about you. the rules that for structured settlements are rigid with no flexibility.  your life changes, but the rules do not.  it is […]

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Buyer’s first right of refusal

By AFG Newswire Sept. 14, 2014 11:00 a.m.   What is Meant by “Buyer’s first right of refusal” in Structured Settlement Transfers   This is a clause written in the insurance code around 1999 under “urgency legislation” by Congress in an effort to protect the consumer.  Be grateful it is in the code, it protects you, and gives you the freedom to do business with whomever you want.   Before 1999, and for about 20 years, when a person would enter into contract with a Company, for example, Company “A” to sell part of their structured settlement, Company “A” would […]

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Structured Settlement Lawyer Review

The preceding article talks about a judge and his findings for best interests and the initial protection acts that were established. As a structured settlement lawyer that was involved in the “lock box” days, I understood the need for legis… Continue reading Structured Settlement Lawyer Review